Credence Analytics

Credence Analytics is an India-based, specialist financial solutions company with strong domain and technology skills in the banking and financial services arena.

Delivering value through software solutions

Credence Analytics offers a wide range of highly specialized solutions focused at integrated treasury, investment management and risk management. It has been designing, developing and delivering these solutions since 1993 with a dedicated team of domain specialists.

Credence Analytics manages the entire development, deployment and support processes of its products. The company thus has full control over the complete life cycle of its products. Being a treasury and risk products company, we are proactive to market changes and keep our solutions current with the market and regulatory requirements.

Delivering value through KPO services

Credence Analytics offers high value outsourcing solutions to its clients by delivering research and information services in the areas of treasury, investment management and risk & compliance. Banks and financial services companies including mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and mortgage companies can outsource their research and analytic's processes to our trained domain experts and process specialists.

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