Enforcive Systems

Enforcive Systems Ltd. develops and markets data-security software products for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), mainframe (zSeries) and for network security audit on multiple platforms.

In 1998, Enforcive expanded into the area of IBM midrange computers, then known as AS400. Enforcive/Global Security was released in 2001 and quickly became a clear leader of AS400 exit program solutions. The product was adopted rapidly, initially in Europe and then in the United States and beyond. Its unique GUI interface and comprehensive nature developed into the world-leading Enforcive/Enterprise Security product of today. The character of this and the company's other security and auditing products have been molded to a large degree by the ongoing waves of regulatory requirements issued since 2002 and the corporate obligations which have developed around them.

Today, Enforcive has accumulated vast experience in the field of data security, though the providing of numerous security solutions to large organizations with rigorous security demands including banks, health institutions and industry. Furthermore, Enforcive's on-going development in security technology enables it to provide new and comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions for its clients.

In 2002 Enforcive signed a multi-national agreement with IBM procurement for the reselling of Enforcive products and in 2004 the US sales office was established. Latest product developments include software for network security audit and multiple platforms incorporating combinations of IBM i, mainframe, Windows, SQL Server, AIX and Linux systems.

Enforcive has customers throughout the US, Europe and Asia - more than 20 countries in total.

To find out more, visit www.enforcive.com