Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise software applications and services, helping 70,000 customers in 200+ countries. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, using ground-breaking technology that delivers a rich user experience, and flexible deployment options.

Infor ERPs are centralized multi country, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-site solutions with the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs. Bluechip currently holds business partnership to sell, implement & provide support services for Infor ERPs “System21” and “M3” (known as Lawson M3 earlier) in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Supply Chain Management

    • Infor supply chain execution

      You can't make logistical decisions in a vacuum. Transportation problems can cascade like dominoes and impact your warehouse planning. Your warehouse plan changes your inventory plan. Changing inventory plans complicate your transportation selections–and everything impacts labor and billing. more...

      Infor supply chain execution for logistic providers

      To meet customer demand for fast and accurate product delivery, and new value–added services, logistics service providers have to efficiently analyze and act on their business information. Logistics providers who streamline business processes will move their information–and their business–faster. more...

      Infor supply chain planning

      Margin–driven supply chain management wasn't even possible a few years ago, but today it can make the difference between leading your industry and falling behind. Competitive companies need advanced systems that let them see and act instantly on all of the metrics, KPIs, costs, and margins that make a business consistently successful. Infor Planning solutions help you deal clearly with the complexity of your supply chain at the appropriate level of detail without compromise, and help you understand the impact of the decisions you make. more...

      Infor lawson supply chain management

      Transform the role of the procurement or supply chain professional from simply managing orders to more strategic responsibilities by providing greater control of the supply chain. Organizations with automated supply chain processes have a lower cost per purchase order, less cost per receipt, and faster processing of requisitions and purchase orders. more...

      Infor sales operations and planning

      The efficiency of your supply chain–and the profitability of your business–rely on your sales and operations plan. Your plan determines your success in meeting customer demands and putting all your resources to work in synchronizing supply to meet demand. Sales and Operations Planning ties together your operational plan with your strategic business plan, providing a holistic view of demand, supply, and finance so that you can literally plan to profit. more...

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    • Infor EAM Enterprise

      The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system capabilities you need to transform this understanding into action, so your EAM system can become a source of greater business efficiency. more...

      Infor MP2

      Whether your small– to medium–sized business (SMB) manufactures products such as food, or provides services such as healthcare, you rely on your property, plant, and equipment to ensure quality and profit. But because your IT staff is limited, and your maintenance teams spend much of their time in the field servicing equipment, you need a client/server–based enterprise asset management (EAM) system that's quick to implement, easy to learn, and mobile. That's what you get with Infor MP2. more...

      Infor EAM energy performance management

      If your organization is like most, energy is managed in a highly fragmented manner, with no clear owner responsible for accountability. more...

  • Infor d/EAM

    • Infor BI


  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    • Infor LN

      Infor LN empowers you to run your entire business - across every department, every site, and every country – on one platform. more...

      Infor M3

      It provides flexibility in managing mixed-mode and complex environments, and deep industry-specific functionality to support the unique needs of businesses that deal with chemicals, distribution, equipment, fashion, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing. more...

      Infor system21

      With Infor System21 and the IBM System i platform, you can optimize every aspect of your complex, global mixed-mode or distribution business, whether it's in apparel, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, general manufacturing, or distribution. more...

    Specialized by Industry:

    Infor ERP offers deep industry functionality across the manufacturing and distribution sectors, making costly customizations a thing of the past and allowing you to work both smarter and faster. Infor offers solutions for the following areas:

    • Aerospace & Defence
    • Automotive
    • Chemicals
    • Distribution
    • Equipment
    • Fashion
    • Food & Beverages
    • High Tec & Electronics
    • Industrial Manufacturing

    Infor ERP solutions help you with:

    • Service management—Manage your entire customer life-cycle.
    • Lean manufacturing—Adopt lean processes across your enterprise and value chain.
    • Quality management—Improve quality to increase productivity and reliability.
    • Financials—Get greater financial visibility and insight.
    • Manufacturing—Tame the complexity of your manufacturing supply chain.
    • Process manufacturing—Optimize your process manufacturing to protect profit.
    • Wholesale and distribution—Make your extended supply chain more responsive.

    With Infor ERP, you'll be able to:

    • Streamline operations and get company-wide visibility.
    • Get access to information anytime, anywhere to improve decision making and speed response times.
    • Easily adapt to new manufacturing methods, changing customer requirements, and evolving business strategies.
    • Get new products to market more quickly and profitably.
    • Optimize inventory and production resources to increase efficiency.
    • Improve quality and customer satisfaction.

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