Quick EDD

A robust suite of High Availability, Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity solutions for the IBM i, AIX and open servers including Linux, Unix, Windows and Macintosh.


  • QUICK-EDD/HA for High Availability for IBM power i systems covers all the needs for the security of your IBM Power i. Through journal technology, it replicates in real time on a remote IBM Power i all the database updates and all the object modifications made on the production system.
  • QUICK-EDD/OPEN for high availability for AIX, LINUX, UNIX and other open systems Installed on a dedicated Windows server, the software solution Quick-EDD/OPEN virtualizes your storage. Then, the latter can be used by any of your application servers.
  • QUICK-EDD/DR for data warehousing and data mining responds very easily to all your needs of data replication between IBM System i servers (AS/400, iSeries, i5, Power i).
  • QUICK-EDD/DRM for heterogeneous database replication from/to power i. In this case, data is transferred through the network (WAN), whatever the distance and the link speed between both sites.

Should a disaster occur on your production site, the data of your company is safe.

  • QUICK-EDD/JRN continuous audit
  • QUICK-EDD/CTL power i protector

To find out more, visit www.quick-software-line.com/UK/quick-edd1.html