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Enforcive Systems Ltd. develops and markets data-security software products for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), mainframe (zSeries) and for network security audit on multiple platforms. Enforcive's on-going development in security technology enables it to provide new and comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions for its clients.


Enterprise Security for IBM i - Access Control, Compliance & Log Management

Enforcive's Enterprise Security is the single most comprehensive and easy to use security and compliance solution for IBM's System i ®.

Some of the key features and benefits are as follows:

  • Enhances your current green screen reporting capabilities.
  • The Enterprise Security GUI allows users to evaluate and act on security events in real-time.
  • System i ® lock down - Easily protect your exit points, manage user profiles & implement group policies for all of your enterprise systems.
  • Multiple system management reduces reporting overload and simplifies enterprise level security policy implementation.
  • Field-level auditing provides comprehensive tracking with "Before" and "After" images for monitoring changes to sensitive data.
  • Template based compliance management, compliance deviation monitoring & enforcement.
  • Enables enterprise-wide compliance and provides compliance driven alerts.

Cross-Platform Audit - Multi-Plaform Consolidation with Security Event Correlation

Enforcive Cross-Platform Audit (CPA) is an Enterprise Log Management and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) tool, aimed at organizations running multiple systems and disparate platforms.

Main Features:
  • One GUI based Management Console for all platforms from which you can manage the consolidated log & access all the different nodes monitored.
  • Multiple Event Types including system events, field-level data before and after change, user actions, policy deviations, TCP/IP events, SQL statements, object-specific events and more.
  • SOC - A graphical tool for the analysis of security audit events, trends & incidents.
  • Audit Policy Management gives you the freedom to define the types of events to be logged by your computers.
  • Compliance Tools to create template-based compliance policies with deviation checking & repair options.
Security for IBM z (Mainframe) - Access Control, Compliance & Log Management

Mainframe Security for CICS is first and foremost about identifying system users and controlling their access to system resources. Alongside these measures of authentication and authorization is the process of auditing activity which has taken place on the computer, through the collection and logging of events and their subsequent review.

Key features:
  • Field-Level Protection
  • User-Oriented Approach
  • User Menus to Enhance Mainframe Security
  • Mainframe Security Audit

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