Document Management Solutions


RVI is an IBM imaging software solution for document imaging and report capture. With RVI, paper records are digitized so they are available for later retrieval, including secured access over the web and mobile devices. Read more...


XImager is a workflow enabled signature & document management software solution. The XImager framework utilizes bandwidth at a minimal level as a result of the robust software architecture of the solution. Read more...

Kodak Document Scanners

Kodak’s production scanners redefine productivity, versatility and reliability. The scanners are ready to tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements and provide the advantages your operation needs to succeed, including:

  • True speeds of up to 210 ppm with all image processing features enabled
  • Ability to quickly scan mixed batches of documents, photos, tear sheets and graphics with automated imaging capabilities for exceptional quality
  • Customization, adjustable height and other features that drive ease of use

Document Scanning Services

We provide document scanning services to corporate customers in Sri Lanka. Our staff is fast, efficient and well trained.

Scanning is carried out in a manner that ensures the careful handling of old, delicate and decayed paper in order that the master files will not be torn, damaged or destroyed any further through the scanning process.

To find out more about Document Management Solutions, talk to an expert on 011 430 4040