Itheon - System and Network Management Solutions

Itheon - Truly unified, end to end System and Network Management Services through a flexible approach that monitors and reacts to system resources, applications/hardware failure and service delivery status. Our services have been developed to allow for the monitoring of all platforms, including:

  • iSeriesĀ®
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • VMS
  • Linux

Itheon Product Range

  • Performance Monitor

    Provides application level heartbeat monitoring and real time alerting via SMS/Email.

  • WAN Optimizer

    Provides enterprise level WAN optimization with capacity management and Internet link capacity management.

  • Load Balancer

    Maximizes the effectiveness of your WAN availability of the network by routing the applications efficiently assuring improved throughput and application response times resulting in efficient WAN resource utilization.

  • Compression Module

    Enables more traffic to flow through constrained WAN links by introducing real-time compression and encryption. The solution brings a greater throughput, faster performance and increased network capacity.

  • Availability Manager

    Monitors and manages the systems and keeps applications under control with the early identification and automatic fixing of potential problems.

  • Business Intelligence

    Provides statistical detailed reports with graphical and collective meaningful information by identifying trends on positive or negative performance, a comprehensive MIS reporting

Our Systems Management Services are much more than software or people alone, they can be delivered as a service, a standalone product or as a hybrid solution, all of which provide:

  • Intelligent alerting on real alerts only
  • Automated response with alerts being fixed by the software
  • Hardware alerts with automatic engineer dispatch
  • In depth monitoring of Marquee and Bespoke applications
  • Reporting on SLAs, Capacity Planning, Short Term Nano Detail and the ability to create bespoke reports
  • Customizable Role Specific Views

Blue Chip Systems and Network Management Services deliver a stable, monitored and maintained approach to managing your systems, in a way that communicates effectively with managers, technical teams and other stakeholders within your business.

To find out more about Itheon, talk to an expert on 011 430 4040