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Archival Storage Solutions

UDO™ (Ultra Density Optical) technology lies at the heart of all of Alliance Storage Technologies' archival solutions. It’s the first storage technology specifically designed for professional and legal data archive requirements. UDO provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or for any application where archived information must remain intact and permanently unchanged.

Alliance Storage Technologies archive solutions are used by thousands of organizations worldwide across a wide variety of markets and applications, including medical, financial, government, broadcast and entertainment. They are available in a complete range of configurations to meet the archive requirements of small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies.

Features and Benefits

Permanence and Longevity
  • Alliance Storage Technologies media have a 50+ year life minimizing data migrations, virtually eliminating media maintenance, and lowering costs.
  • True hardware WORM (Write Once Read Many) media provides unmatched data authenticity and allows you to easily comply with industry and governmental regulations.
  • UDO Guard provides an additional layer of data protection for offline media. By requiring a software key to gain access to the media it presents a deterrent against unauthorized access.
  • Secure, removable media give you a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.
  • Fast, random access facilitates timely retrieval of data for legal discovery.
  • Drives are backward read compatible to ensure long-term data access and investment protection.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Environmentally friendly solutions with significantly lower costs for power, cooling and maintenance.
  • Unmatched scalability and flexibility to grow over time without disruption.
  • Low hardware and software acquisition costs.

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