Thin Client Solutions


Fujian Centerm Information co.,Ltd (Centerm Information), which was founded in 2002, is one of the earliest suppliers in China engaged in R.&D., manufacturing and sale of Thin Client solutions. Centerm is a leading provider of cloud terminal, thin client, payment terminal and "desktop cloud" solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thin Client Benefits

  • Hardware - No need for hard drives, memory or any other hardware upgrades.
  • Central Support - Business applications and data centralized on secure servers, fewer technical resources.
  • Bandwidth - Thin-client computing allows the separation between an application’s logic and its user interface.
  • Power - Thin clients use 60% of the power required for a PC.
  • Security - Server backups allow security and protection for your data.


  • Centerm EI945 - Versatile Thin Client with a Streamlined Design
  • Centerm GI945 - High performance Ultra-light Thin Client

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